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Savour BlackBookAsia is a revolutionary guide to luxury travel, dining and wellness in Asia. The highly sought after magazine, Savour BlackBookAsia provides a cosmopolitan look into all things lifestyle from luxury timepieces and supercars to art fairs and philanthropy.

With our passion for anything related to leisure and business, we at Savour BlackBookAsia are proud to present the quintessential one-stop guide to the best hotels, restaurants and spas Asia has to offer.


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Meubel Furniture founded in 2017 to help create bespoke interiors and specially curated environments

1. Retail – Shopping Malls, Boutiques
2. Industrial – Warehouses
3. Hospitality – Hotels, Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Clubs
4. Residential – Condominium, Landed Property
5. Commercial – Offices, Schools


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Hei Productions is an independent Creative arm of BlackBookAsia

Spanning across disciplines in content creation & media consultation. Hei Productions offers an intimate creative experience that helps you actualize your creative ideas.

From concept creation to post production, we cover the entire spectrum of creative works from branding artwork to your media needs.